Home Inspection Services

Choosing the best Atlanta home inspector can be a confusing and hard decision. We will treat your potential new home as if  we were going to buy it and give you the very best. We want you to have excellent peace of mind with your new purchase. We will be diligent and take pride in producing a very thorough inspection utilizing experience, ongoing training, outstanding customer service and reporting software.

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Our home inspection service covers 500 essential items including:

  1. Attic, Structure, Roofing and Gutters
  2. Fireplace and Chimney
  3. Interior and Exterior
  4. Landscape, Electrical
  5. Ceilings, Floors and Interior Walls
  6. Bathrooms and Kitchen
  7. Installed Kitchen Appliances
  8. Windows, Doors & Stairs
  9. Garage / Garage Doors
  10. Basement / Crawl Space / Slab
  11. Driveway / Sidewalks
  12. Water Heater and Plumbing Systems
  13. Heating and Cooling Systems/ Foundation & Grading and more.

My promise to you:

Upon delivery of our inspection report to you, if you feel that you did not receive a thorough and comprehensive report, just ask and We will give you a full refund. By the same, though, If you feel we did give you your money’s worth and more, please refer us to your friends or relatives. Your confidence in selecting me to perform your Inspection needs is greatly appreciated and we will do my best to provide you with the utmost respect and attention in this important purchase.